Celebration of First Anniversary of the Woman’s March at Space Gallery Unites


Mary Herman, Spoke to the 250 or so  Urging Everyone to Get and Stay Involved.

Naomi Mayer and Jen Jones of March Forth at the First Anniversary Celebration Today.

Sarah Werkman, Brunswick, Watched the Activities on Stage at Space Gallery Late This Afternoon.

Genevieve Morgan, Chair of the State Coalition for the Woman’s March Welcomed Everyone With Inspiring Words.

“While the guys are watching football, we are making a difference,” said Tori Lambert a Munjoy Hill resident, late this afternoon at the first Anniversary Celebration of the historic Woman’s March on Washington, D.C.  “Woman are non-stoppable.” Lambert was sitting in the front row at the Celebration stage as speakers, artists, dancers and  musicians entertained the 250 who attended the event while the Patriots simultaneously struggled  their way to another Super Bowl next month in Minnesota.

“No movement is perfect, but we are committed to learning, leadership and listening,” said Genevieve Morgan, chair of the state coalition.  “Our movement echoes our powerful predecessors and joins them in one simple mission   Transformative social change.  And so, like generations of women before us, we will gather this year and next year and the following year for as long as it takes to resist and dismantle systems of oppression.  And more importantly, we will build inclusive bodies guided by self-determination, dignity and respect……”  “2018 is the year we take back the Senate and 2018 is the year we take back our country from the corporations and corrupt individuals who are only in government to enrich themselves.  Yes We Can!.” said Morgan to enthusiastic applause.

Hamdia Ahmed, a political science major at USM and a refugee, urged women to run for office, make phone calls and  register voters because “we will get it back if you stay involved.”  Likewise Mary Herman, wife of Senator Angus King, urged everyone to get involved and stay involved.  Senator King was invited to the Celebration but was in Washington working on the shutdown, she said.

“I’m really disgusted with the current state of affairs.  I think our President is a despicable human being and dangerous and I’m working for progressive representation in Augusta and in Washington, D.C.” said Jan Chapman, a Portland area resident.  Of yesterday’s March in Augusta, Chapman said:  “It was wonderful  The speakers were excellent.  It was great to be energized.”