Pingree Opposes “CR” & Cosponsors Second Censure Resolution Against Trump


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D Opposed to Another CR

“No one wants to see a shutdown, but kicking the can down the road for the fourth time is no way to run the government.  The Appropriations Committee has done its job developing a responsible spending agreement – its time for Republican leadership to bring a balanced and bipartisan bill to the floor without politicizing it.  Every time we delay, we put off addressing things like the opioid epidemic, veterans’ needs and hurricane relief,” according a press release issued by Jesse Connolly, of  Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s (D) staff,  last night.

“This continuing resolution also falls short in not permanently reauthorizing CHIP, abandoning many other critical federal health programs that have lapsed – like Community Health Centers – and failing to include the Dream Act so that young DACA recipients contributing in our communities are not left in limbo.”

In an earlier press release, it was announced that Congresswoman PIngree cosponsored a censure resolution in response to President Donald Trump’s racist comments stating that America should turn away immigrants from African nations and Haiti and allow more immigrants from countries like Norway.  Pingree is one of nearly 150 cosponsors of the resolution in the US House.

“President Trump’s racist comments about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and countries in Africa are absolutely sickening, even for him.  It’s frightening to have someone in the White House with this kind of ignorance and lack of compassion. He knows absolutely nothing about these people – the pain they’ve faced, their harrowing journeys, or their commitment to our country and the cultural vibrancy of the countries they came from.  His words are slanderous to our legacy as a nation of immigrants,” were the words of Pingree in an earlier press release issued by her office.