City Wants to Divide Bayside Property into Separate Lots for Future Development


The City of Portland has filed an application to the planning board to divide one large space into three separate lots for private development.  The 141,600 sq. feet of land is known as the Department of Public Works Campus.

The three parcels are identified as:  Parcel A at 82 Hanover Street; Parcel B is currently home to the City’s former maintenance facility; and Parcel C is 55 Portland Street.

According to the description provided with the application the redevelopment of this land has been a city goal for over 15 years.  This is possible now with the relocation of offices off the peninsula – onto Canco Road.  The proposed lots are consistent with requirements of the B-2b and B-7 zones.  Future development and reuse of the facilities is the responsibility of the pending or future owners.

No date for review by the planning board has been announced at this time.