What Does a Local Chef Serve For Thanksgiving Dinner?

Danielle Dubois with Chef Chris Coffen at Rosie's.

Danielle Dubois with Chef Chris Coffen at Rosie’s.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,251)

Thanksgiving Dinner is not to be served until 8:00 pm tonight, so Chef Chris Coffen and his girlfriend souschef Danielle Dubois spent some time this afternoon imbibing beer at Rosie’s Restaurant & Pub on Fore Street in the Old Port.  What does a chef fix for Thanksgiving Dinner –  I’ve always wondered?

Coffen is the special event chef at The Inn on Peaks Island for which this remodeled Island getaway is a favorite. It has earned a top reputation for turning  passages into memorable occasions that last forever.  Since this is offseason for weddings and other events he’s taking the winter off from “chefing.” Coffen was in the US Marines for four years. That’s where he earned a degree in electrical engineering.  When he got out of the Marines, his education paid the bills. But his heart was never in it.  His passion is for food, not engineering.  As a youth, he watched his mother cook instead of playing outdoors with his friends.  “I used to be  picky about food, but I believe you can like a food if cooked in the right way.  I hated Brussel sprouts and now I look for them,” Coffen said.  “I love to find an unusual food and turn it into a delicious thing to eat. I love to find something that is largely forgotten and discover ways to give it new life”

What does a local chef fix for Thanksgiving Dinner?  Apparently anything he wants to.