STOP KAVANAUGH RALLY – SUNDAY, August 26 – at City Hall


Stop Kavanaugh Rally – Sunday, August 26, at 1:00 pm – City Hall

Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Nominated by Mr. Trump to be a Appointed to the Supreme Court.

A Sign Held by a Student at a City Hall Plaza Rally.

The Sign Says it All, Attorney General Sessions.

You, your friends and family are encouraged to attend a Stop  Kavanaugh  Rally on Sunday, August 26th at Portland city hall at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

The country is in the fight of its life to protect our most fundamental rights and freedoms.  The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh would put so much at stake and we cannot back down.  He must not be appointed to the US Supreme Court.  Trump promised to only appoint SCOTUS justices who’ll gut Roe v. Wade and criminalize abortion.  Kavanaugh represents a real threat to your reproductive rights of our people and a threat to those of us who not only rely on the ACA, but rely on the protections the ACA provided for those with pre-existing conditions.  One in three (3) Mainers has a pre-existing condition.  We cannot let our elected officials who work for us appoint an extreme conservative judge who will overturn the protections and rights we rely on.

We are focusing on the very real and very personal health care stories of our people.  This event will be raw, real and full of radical truth telling as we remind our elected officials of the faces of the constituents whose lives are impacted by their vote.

If Collins votes in favor of Brett Kavanaugh, there are so many other negative impacts he can have on our culture.  For example, our environment, presidential accountability,  labor rights and workplace safety to name a few of them.  Collins has a record of always voting for the nominee for the US Supreme Court which makes some believe that she will continue that pattern – despite her commitment to abortion rights.  Please show her why she should break that pattern this time and not vote for Kavanaugh.

There are free chartered buses coming from Bangor, Rockland, and Waterville/Augusta.

And, if you haven’t called Senator Susan Collins (I) Portland office, please call her soon. Her number is 207 – 780-3575 in Portland.

This event is sponsored by a number of non-profits including Mainers for Accountable Leadership.