Mona Bector Leaves City Hall Position After Brief Stint There


Pepto-Bismal and Tums (on Right) Are All That is Left in the Empty Office of Mona Bector at City Hall – A Sure Sign of Stress Perhaps Experienced by Mona Bector.

WHERE’S MONA?  She  Began Work on Tuesday, May 29th as Assistant Manager to City Manager Jon Jennings.  It Didn’t Work Out.

Rumors about the brief employment of Mona Bector have been floating around City Hall for some time now.

One of the rumors is that she was telling city hall employees:  ”This is how we do it in New York City.”  An attitude probably not appreciated by city employees.  Her last day of employment was last Friday.  The fact that a lack of details of her departure were made public indicates that she received a substantial severance package in a Non Disclosure Agreement.

City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin did not respond to emails from this blogger requesting information on the employment status of Mona Bector.  It has been reported that she is on vacation for the next week, although the official notice usually posted by her has not been received.

How many others have left city hall under the same circumstances?  Certainly, this is not the first.

“You can’t demonstrate  your value at your position in three (3) months,” said Barbara Repetto, who formerly worked for the City of New York in the OMB office.  “New Yorkers are usually arrogant.”