St. Lawrence Street Redo Lurches Forward at Planning Board Meeting


The Planned Redo of the St.Lawrence Street Affordable Housing to Market Rate Units.

It was a suspenseful last few moments at the planning board last night as some board members could have gone either way on whether or not to approve an application for  the controversial renovation of 55-59 St. Lawrence Street on Munjoy HIll.  The old building had long been the site of affordable housing with a large backyard – a feature getting more and more scarce in the neighborhood.

The owner’s representative Greg Shinberg told the Board that issues that came up at the workshop  July 9th had been resolved; some changes to the building and parking issues specifically – including shared rights to St. Lawrence Place.  The leftovers from the workshop were compatibility with the neighborhood and a serious need to improve the parking layout.  Staff member Caitlin Cameron had issues with the complexity of the design – the redo of the original building and the stand-alone single-family townhouse.  Board member Maggie Stanley said that the added building is “awkward and strange to accommodate parking.  The townhouse needs a lot of work.”

“The changes are minor from the workshop to now,” Stanley added.  The Board approved the application for redo in the end.

About twenty neighbors attended the public hearing, although none of them addressed their concerns to the Planning Board when given the opportunity to do so.

Please see post herein dated July 9, 2019 for background information.

NOTE:  This blogger is a life-long renter with a bias in favor of renters.