AG Frey Joins Lawsuit Against Trump’s “Dirty Power” Rule


Taken From: Americans Against Republicans

Attorney General Aaron  Frey, as part of a coalition of 22 states and 7 local governments, today announced a lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its “ACE” – aka “Dirty Power” – rule.  The ACE rule replaced the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever nationwide limits on one of the largest sources of climate change pollution:  existing fossil-fueled power plans.  The EPA’s rule rolls-back these limits and will have eventually no impact on these emissions, prolonging the nation’s reliance on polluting, expensive coal power plants and obstructing progress of states toward clean, renewable and affordable electricity generation.

“Fossil-fueled power plants are major sources of climate change pollution,” said Frey.  “Beyond the impacts that climate change itself has on Maine’s national resources and economy, we also know that emissions from these plants – including plants outside  of Maine – pollute our air and water.  Rolling back rules to limit this type of pollution violate the federal Clean Air Act and will result in negative consequences for Mainers’ health, economic, well-being and way of life.”

Besides ignoring the science of climate change – the text of the ACE rule barely mentions climate change, much less recognize the dire threat it poses to people’s health, the economy and the environment – the rule disregards requirements of the federal Clean Air Act.  The Clean Air Act requires that limits on air pollutants, such as greenhouse gasses, will be based on the emissions reductions achievable.