Portland Expo Emptied of Guests as of Noon Today; Almost All!


A Bicyclist Outside the Portland Expo This Afternoon.

Sound Familiar?

The August 15th deadline to vacate the Portland Expo of its asylum seeking guests from the Congo and Angola, has been met according to a press release from the city’s spokeswoman this afternoon.  The deadline  was noon today.  With this exit, the city of Portland will  be able to meet its contractual obligations for the immediate future and for the Maine Red Claws in the coming weeks.

However, as of this afternoon, several families remained at the Expo trying to find housing that fit their needs. One man said he and his family had been mismatched with a family in Lewiston.  Although he appreciated the offer, it was too far away from Portland because he has no transportation to this area.  A local man was trying to make arrangements for this man and his family to live with him nearby in Portland this afternoon.

A rumor circulating that the Portland Expo has been hit by bed bugs was quickly squashed by the city’s spokeswoman – the same individual who has banned this blogger from access to the Portland Expo since writing a story herein prior to the arrival of the asylum seekers in mid-June.  Several workers at the Expo very recently said they would not return to work because of the bed bugs there.

Some weeks ago this blogger queried the city as to what steps might be needed, if any, to put the Expo back into shape in order to deliver it back to its tenants this month.  No response was received by this blogger to the inquiry.

Is this Freedom of the Press in Portland or revenge?

Please visit post herein dated June 12, 2019 for more background information.