Feud Over Sumner Court on Munjoy HIll Erupts Again

Developer Ron Gan Under Fire For Sumner Court Use of Private Property.

Developer Ron Gan Under Fire For Sumner Court Use of Private Property.

Sumner Court on North Street  has become a flash point for distrust between a developer and residents of the HIll –  so much so that there is no communication between the parties.   The fizzure between developer owner  Ron Gan, and Hill neighbors is so intense that  any signs of reconciliation are negligible on the part of residents.

The distrust  began a few years ago  when Gan tried, unsuccessfully, to develop a secluded parcel of land on Sumner Court, off North Street.  Key to the development of the property was his assertion that he owned the dirt road that led into the property.  At a zoning board of appeals meeting,, a North Street resident waived his deed to the contested road – putting the short-fused  Gan in a bad position – up the creek without a paddle – so to speak. Opponents of Gan started a blog – Save Sumner Court in response.

Residents began to notice an RV type vehicle parked near Gan’s rental building about a week or two ago.  That presence fueled speculation that Gan was up to no good again – renting parking units on city property – something that is illegal in Portland – at high prices.  $400. a month.  Gan said that he had four (4) car spaces unused by his tenants on Sumner Court.  He advertised them for rent on Craig’s List.  One man responded and rented two spaces – one for his RV seen above right and the other space for a truck he owns.

“Let me be clear.  I have no ax to grind.  I could not find anything illegal about this TV type vehicle renting a spot on Sumner Court. They have a lot of misinformation.  I’m renting it for $75. per month, not $400.00 per month.  It’s true you can’t park on city streets over night, but this is private property,” Gan said this afternoon just as the Patriots disaster was beginning.

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