25th Maine Marathon Draws Two From New Mexico

Marathoners Christie Kelly & Dara McKenney on the Eastern Promenade.

Marathoners Christie Kelly & Dara McKenney on the Eastern Promenade.

By Carol McCracken  Post # 2,537) )

“It’s easier when you are sore to back up the hill backwards,” said Christie Kelly, 48, as she and her fellow marathon runner, Dara McKenney, were walking backwards up the Eastern Promenade this afternoon.  “I’m sore everywhere,” she said.  Christie and Dara ran in yesterday’s marathon and were recuperating from it when mhn.com spotted them earlier today..walking backwards…

The two are from Las Alamos, New Mexico and decided to make the trip to Portland  – destination is one of the factors in deciding where they will run next.  The prospect of  shopping at L.L. Beans and seeing the fall foliage clinched the deal for the two experienced marathon runners. (This was Christie’s seventh marathon and the fifth for Data.)

What did surprise the two runners were the excellent restaurants in Portland.  Three of their favorites so far have been the Little Tap House, Local 188 and Local Sprouts..  They have also enjoyed the craft beers that Portland has earned a reputation for in the northeast.  “We love the craft beer here.  It’s self-medicating,” said Christie laughing.  “It’s been all good here.”

Weather for the marathon was perfect the two agreed. Both cloudy and misty rather than a hot sunny day.  The course was also good.  “We ran for a while  along the water and then we saw pretty homes in Falmouth,” said Christie.  The two trained for four months for this race.  Los Alamos is located in northern New Mexico – in the Jemez Mountains.The altitude is 7,500 ft. – so running at sea level was a bonus for the two,

“I would have liked to meet Joanie Benoit Samuleson,”  said Christie.  “I understand that she sometimes attends the Maine Marathon, but not this year.  Maybe another year.”.