Workshops on Redesign of Congress Square Start Today

Location of All Three Workshops on Redesign of Congress Square Park.

Location of All Three Workshops on Redesign of Congress Square Park.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,538)

The public is invited to attend a series of workshops to meet the Congress

Brady's Back !

Brady’s Back  – We Think!

Square redesign duo and provide feedback as provided in the schedule.  The team is WRT and Sarah Sze.  The workshops are free and will be held at Think Tank Coworking, 533 Congress Street.

The first workshop in the series is today:  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH – From 5:00 – 8:00 m.  The event is an Open House.

The second workshop is tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5th.  A brown bag lunch with artist Sarah Sze from noon until 1:00 pm. (This is the only session at which Sarah Sze Studio will be in attendance during the three – part series.)

The final session is on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6th.  It rums from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  It’s an Open House. Preliminary concepts will be presented at that time.

SZE was selected by a subcommittee of the Portland Public Art Committee.  There were almost 100 artists who responded to a request for applications. the announcement was made at a special meeting of the Portland Public Art Committee by co-chair Pandora LaCasse.  Please see post herein dated August 22, 2016 for details.

The eventual redesign of Congress Square Park will be the collaborative effort many Portland organizations – including the City of Portland,Caitlin Cameron, staff person; , the Public Art Committee, chaired by Lin Lisberger; and Friends of Congress Square Park, Ian Jacobs, President. and Bree LaCasse, Executive Director.