“Southwest Airlines 4805” – Under Investigation by Feds for Recent Incident at Portland Jetport


Southwest Airlines Flight 4805 is currently under investigation for an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 25th at the Portlad International Jetport. Westbrook Street, Portland.

That morning the plane took off from the Jetport on its way to Baltimore. Maryland.    But the runway was closed.  Runway 29 was temporarily closed  while undergoing a safety inspection..

The Jetport is owned by the city of Portland.  City spokesperson Grondin is out of the office until July 8, and unavailable for comment.

This morning Assistant Airport Director, Zachary R. Sunquist, issued the folkowing statement to the press:  “”The Portland International Jetport can confirm that we are actively participating in an investigation with the FAA on the departure of Southwest Airlines flight 4805, June 25th.  We are grateful that airport staff maintained situational awareness, identifying in real-time the aircraft entering the runway environment and immediately vacating the airport vehicle from the runway.  We will have no further statement due to the ongoing investigation.”

In a statement issued early this afternoon, Jillian L. Angeline, Public Affairs Specialist, for the Federal Aviation Administration said:  “Southwest Airlines Flight 4805 departed from a temporarily closed runway at the Portland International Jetport on Tuesday, June 25th.  An airport vehicle exited the runway before the plane began its takeoff roll.  The FAA and the NTSB are investigating the event which occurred around 5:45 am local time.”

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines Co.  issued the following statement early this afternoon upon inquiry from this blogger:  “Southwest Airlines is engged with the NTSB and FAA to understand the circumstances of an early morning Southwest departure on Tuesday, June 25 of Flight 4805 from the Portland International Jetport.  After departing, the aircraft continued safely to its destination.  Please contact the NTSB for additional details.”