Sagamore Hill Lounge Gets License Renewed Last Night at City Council Meeting PLUS


The Palaver Strings Last Night at the City Council Meeting.

Actor Whip Hubley, 61, is Married to Dinah Minot and Has Starred in Numerous Hollywood Movies!

Chief of the Fire Department Keith Gautreau With His Wife, Stephanie, Last Night.

Starting off the city council  meeting last night was a performance by the Palaver Strings;  a quartet of extraordinary quality.  The group is composed of three violins and a cello.  Recently relocated to Portland from Boston, the musicians are in Portland to educate young people about music.  Dinah Minot is responsible for the Arts in the Chamber Program.

Keith Gautreau, was promoted Chief of the Portland Fire Department last night.  He has been serving as Assistant Chief since David Jackson retired from that position.  It was decided to waive a reading rule in order to put it into effect immediately.  His salary will be $122,791.50 annually.

Sagamore Hill Lounge, 150 Park State, had its liquor license approved last night so it can open at its will.  It was forced to close in August 2018 until  new applications could be filed that proved that the total ownership had been transferred to one owner only. Please feel free to read previous posts herein for more background information on July 4, 2018, August 31, 2018 and September 4, 2018.

It was a special pleasure last night to sit between actor Whip Hubley, and his wife, Dinah Minot.  Hubley has starred in numerous movies including TOP GUN.   The couple has three children.  See above left photo of Hubley.