Three Women Arrested at Sen. Collins (R) Portland Office Late This Afternoon


Sheila Eddison, of Tremont,  Was Arrested by Portland Police at 4:35 PM Today at Collins Portland Office.

An Unhinged Kate Simson on the Phone With the Police Department After Screaming  at This Blogger to Get out of the Outside Hallway.

Caroline Pryor Arrested by Portland Police Waiting for the Elevator in the Hallway near Collins Office This Afternoon.  A Police Officer is Hiding Behind This Woman.

Starting at 2:00 this afternoon,  a large group of Senator Susan Collins (R) constituents gathered at her Portland office to express their concern about her possible support of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  They were talking to Kate Simson, a Collins staff member, who was taking notes all the while. There have been reports that Collins’ staff does not report to her all of the protests and complaints which makes sense.  Don’t fuss up the already stressed boss anymore than necessary!

Collins office was packed full of people expressing concern about the Kavanaugh nomination.  Suddenly, at 4:30 pm., Simson announced that the office was closing immediately according to one woman who was there, but wanted to remain anonymous.  The office normally closes at 5:00 pm.  Simson said she had to pick up her children. Oh?  Did she suddenly remember she had children?!

Seconds later, members of the Portland Police Department appeared on the 8th floor and began handcuffing women.  Ths blogger was unable to get a photograph of the third arrested women because the Portland police blocked it.  Apparently, the women were removed from the building via the back of the building -out of public view.  Two police cars remained at the front of the building until about half an hour after the women had been escorted out.

Next Kate Simpson screamed at this blogger to get out of the hallway and building or expect to be arrested immediately.  This blogger was not arrested, despite the fact that I didn’t leave the hallway until 4:50 pm.

“Not only is Kavanaugh a threat to the ACA and women’s reproductive rights, but he has been a threat to women and is accused of several assaults.  Kavanaugh is partisan, unable to control his temper and currently lacks the civility needed for a Supreme Court Justice,” according to a press release issued by Mainers for Accountable Leadership, a non-profit organization.

Nice Work, Susan!