Rozalia Project Starts Remote Maine Island Cleanup Mission


Rozalia Project, (RP),  has just completed the first phase of its cleanup mission on remote Maine Islands in which it cleaned three Islands in the Gulf of Maine according to a press release issued by the Burlington, Vermont based, non-profit today.

The three Islands comprising the first phase of the cleanup mission are:  Little Bar Island, Outer Bar Island and Bois Bubert Island.  Over the span of 6 days and 30 volunteers, RP recovered over 6,500 lbs of debris from the shoreline and directed over 3,000 lbs. from the waste stream by recycling metal traps.  On Outer Bar Island, 3,069 pieces of macroplastic, 653 pieces of trap head nets, and 360 pieces of lobster traps were recovered; that comes to a total of 5,157 pounds.  The number of traps collected weighed  3,640 pounds.  The Project removed the cement blocks and ropes so the metal could be recycled by Rolands Recyclling  in Steuben, Maine.  Altogether RP collecdted 6,810 pounds.

This effort is part of a larger project in which RP is targeting 14 remote islands with a focus on lost, discarded and abandoned fishing gear.

The goals of RP are a clean, protected and thriving Maine ecosystem.  It has been working on solving the problems of marine debris since its inception in 2010.  It works surface to seafloor with a focus on urban and coastal waterways and uses multiple strategies, prevention through education, remediation, innovation and solutions-based research.

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