Roux Campus Applicant to Appear Before Historic Preservation Board This Week


For all of you who have been following the development of 1 Bean Pot Circle for The Roux Institute at Northeastern University, you may be interested to know that:

On Wednesday, December 6th, Portland’s  Historic Preservation Board will hold  a workshop at 5:00 pm at city hall on the proposed rehabilitation of the Bean Building and the historic interpretative elements proposed for the pier.

This item is the last one on the agenda.  The Burnham & Morrell food canning business dates back to 1867 when Burnham started it.

For information on a neighborhood meeting about Phase 1 of this development for December 13,  please visit post herein dated November 30, 2023.  Also, please visit post herein dated August 30, 2021 for background information on the subject.