Northern Light Mercy Hospital Joins Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative


Northern Light Mercy Hospital (NLMH) announced last month that it will become the newest member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative.  NLMH now  has access to virtual consults and second opinions, support and education for physicians and nurses, and streamlined access to Dana-Farber specialists in Boston for patients with complex cancers.

As part of the membership process, Mercy Hospital was required to meet a wide range of standards and best practices, chemotherapy administration and information systems.

The Collaborative helps disseminate the latest and most effective, evidenced-based practices and standards to member hospitals and physician practices.  Members also take advantage of ongoing and access to support services, such as tumor board conferences and physician lectures.

“We are very pleased to welcome Northern Light Mercy Hospital as a new member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative and look forward to our work together.  The Collaborative furthers our mission of helping to relieve the burden of cancer for as many peoeple as possible.  We do this by conducting research to develop new and better therapies, providing expert and compassionate care for patients and extending our expertise and working with other carefully selected care providers, such as Northern Light Mercy Hospital,” said Laurie H. Glimacher, President and CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.