“Return the Mural” Rally in Augusta Stunned by Announcement from US Department of Labor; Petition for Injunction Goes Forward Next Week Says Attorney


Frances Perkins Portrait Painted by artist Susan Beebe: "I just learned who she is. She's getting short-changed for her contributions to the labor movement in this." SusanBeebeStudio.com

Some of the Large Crowd Gathered at the Hall of Flags, Augusta, Today
John Beal, Attorney for the Plaintiffs, in the Lawsuit Filed Against the Governor Last Week

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 744)

A fully engaged crowd of about 400 people were stunned this   afternoon when the rally emcee, artist Rob Shetterly, announced to the crowd:   “The Labor Department said that if Maine doesn’t return the mural, the State  will owe the federal government $60,000.”  That’s the cost contracted  to painter Judy Taylor for painting the 36 ft., 11 panel labor mural that has made national news across the country because Governor Paul LePage had it secretly removed from a reception area  in the Department of Labor building two weekends ago.  The issue has made national news – ad naseum.

Toward the end of the almost 3 hour rally in the Hall of Flags at the State House, Shetterly made the announcement which left many perplexed and wondering just what was the implication of this announcement.  Attorney Jon Beal, said to mhn.com:  “I’d like to see the statement first, but it sounds like a good development.”  He and attorney Jeff Young filed a lawsuit in the U. S. District Court last Friday evening against LePage for removing the mural without the proper authority.  Beal said:  “We will be asking the court for a preliminary injunction next week – asking that the mural be restored to its rightful place – now – rather than having to wait for lengthy litigation.”  Despite the announcement the request for an injunction will go forward, said Young following the rally.

Adam Fisher, spokesperson,  Maine Department of Labor, Augusta, told MHN.com late this afternoon that he received the letter from the US Department of Labor shortly after the noon rally began. His boss decided to put it “right out there” because it would become public soon enough.  Fisher said that an attorney in the AGs office will be reviewing the one page letter tomorrow when he’s back in the office.  

Late this afternoon, Congrsswoman Chellie Pingree said in a press release:  “The best solution at this point would be to put the mural back up so Maine taxpayers won’t have to cover the original grant.  Public art belongs to all of us and I don’t think the governor should have acted so hastily in taking it down.  It wasn’t a decision for one person to make.”

Please see Post # 741, dated 3/28 herein for more background information.

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  1. Governor Lepage comes across as a beligerant alcoholic. This is nothing new for him. Ask the firefighters in Waterville about how he treated them and how he verbally abused them, including telling them “I don’t give a f— about you!” Maybe instead of taking down a mural that portrays the history of labor he should put the bottle down first!

  2. To bad his house did not catch fire so the Waterville fire fighters could say We do not give a F about you. HIs bottle is paid for by the Corp Johns who his is a prostitute for, I am sorry I do not mean to insult protitutes, he is their slave.

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