Business Beat: Becky Wartell L.M.T. Opens Massage Therapy Business; “I Love Working With People.”


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 743)

Becky Wartell has always liked working with her hands – arts and crafts are her forte. Fortunately, she was able to parlay working with her hands into a business that transplates into a stable income for herself.  She has recently opened up a massage studio at 68 Washington Avenue and is  accepting customers.

From Portland originally,  Becky graduated from the Acadia School of Massage, Bar Harbor, after graduating from the College of the Atlantic.  In fact, the final semesters overlapped each other which was a busy time for her.  But now she is licensed and qualified to do massages.  “I love massages.  My mother and  I would go out and get massages together occasionally,” Becky said, grinning  recently in the waiting room of her studio.  “My mother gave me Reiki though and I’m able to do the same now.”

Massages are good  because they are relaxing time that people can have for themselves.   Deep massage work can help with alignment issues many people  have, Becky explains. “If you use computers and hunch over in your work,  it helps with that condition,” she said.  Additionally, massage gets rid of  toxins that build up in the body and in turn releases hormones that make people feel really good.  She often gives prenatal massages which makes labor easy – while lying on the mother-to-be’s side.  Currently, research is happening on the effects of massage on people with arthritis as Becky shows me a magazine with an article on the subject.  “I love working with people  and seeing the expression on their faces after a massage.  I’ve heard people say – that’s the best massage I’ve ever had.  It feels so good to hear that.”

She knows she has to be creative in building her business and this hard-working young woman is being just that.    So Becky gives “chair” massages at several places in downtown Portland.  Every Tuesday afternoon, she is at Local Sprouts between 1 – 2 pm and on Thursday afternoon, from 5 – 6 pm as well.   On Friday she gives chair massages at the Public Market, Monument Square from 11 – 7 pm.   Becky charges $75.  for a full hour.

Becky Wartell L.M.T. With Her Hard Working Hands!

For more details, please call Becky at 207 – 523-9289 or visit  Her email address is: