The Resistance! Boycott Linda Bean’s Freeport Tavern


Boycott Linda Beans Restaurant at 88 Main Street, Freeport!

Chuck Todd, Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Brought up the Boycott of L. L. Bean Once Again This Morning.  Todd also mentioned Trump’s War on Nordstrom for Dropping his Daughter’s Line of Clothing.

A Booth Inside the Bean Tavern on Main Street. Freeport.

Last month the Associated Press reported that Linda Bean, granddaughter of the founder of L.L. Bean, had illegally donated $60,000 to a Donald Trump PAC that only permitted donations of $5,000.

Next the on-line – Grab Your Wallet – stepped in.  It recommended boycotting Freeport’s L.L. Bean. Linda Bean is a member of the Board of this iconic business.  The Donald President even came to the defense of Ms. Bean. The discussion went on and on and on as readers remember.

But locals, who know the territory, came up with a  better plan. A much better plan.  Boycott her Freeport Tavern!  It’s located directly across from the store. That exploits the natural assumption there is a business relationship between the two entities – wrong! – wrong – wrong! There is no connection except for the family name.

Since there are about fifty (50) family members on the iconic business board, a stronger statement would be made if restaurant goers boycott  – Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern – 88 Main Street.   Grab Your Wallet and sprint away from the Bean Tavern – quickly – quickly from the six year old venue – whose owner supports The Donald President’s War on Women, War on the Environment, War on Muslims, War on the Disabled, War on the Media, War on the Truth,  Etc. doesn’t mean to pile on – not now – not ever.  But there is another reason to boycott the Bean Tavern.  BAD, BAD SEAFOOD CHOWDER.  No excuses.  No way!

A mug of flour mixed in with small chunks of potato and an unidentified liquid does not pass for Maine seafood chowder. No way! There may have been some seafood as advertised in the menu, but I could not find any in the chalky paste presented to me for $15.  Nor was there a pickle, nor a shred of parsley nor a crust of old bread to go with it.  It is winter, but maybe a chip or two could have been found in the “Maine kitchen” to go with the potato paste.

The waitress said that Ms. Bean frequently can be found at the Tavern, but currently she’s in Florida. (That’s where she has lobster cafes, although one in Delray Beach is now closed.)  With a diet coke and a 20% tip for the waitress, the mug of potato paste bill came to $20.00.  Rip off!

Thanks to the gentleman who assisted me across the icy sidewalk and up the slippery steps in front of the Tavern. He also cautioned me about the “bad” food inside the Tavern!  “Don’t eat there.  The food is bad,” he warned.

Thanks also to the thoughtful Canadian couple who assisted me back down the slippery steps and over the icy sidewalk after eating the potato paste – or some of it. Headed back to Canada before the on-coming winter storm, they said they were already boycotting the Bean Tavern because of her illegal contribution to the Trump PAC.  “We would never eat there,” she said.  “We do have confidence in the good American people though, ” she said referring to Trump’s Muslim ban.  “They will do what’s right even if Trump doesn’t.”

Bean’s Maine Kitchen misrepresents what a Maine kitchen is.  They are warm places with good food.  (There was no heat on in the place, so I had to sit beside a large space heater to warm up.)  It’s unfortunate that anyone should leave with the impression that a Maine kitchen has just served a “seafood” chowder.  False advertising.  Portland ‘Maine Kitchens excel.  Just try Becky’s haddock chowder on Commercial Street!

There is a cluster of food venues at the Portland International Jetport in South Portland. The venues are on the top floor and available only to ticketed airlines passengers. According to a source, the Bean venue is managed by a company HMS, based in Maryland.  The company rents the Bean name for the venue.


(Note:  The boycott of L. L. Bean resurfaced this morning when Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” brought it up again.)

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