Pingree Calls for Investigation of Trump Ties to Russia; King Opposed, Collins Speechless!


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) at Recent City Hall Meeting.

Senator Angus King (I) Does Not Support Independent  Investigation Proposed by Democrats into Trump Ties to Russia.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) announced today that she is co-sponsoring legislation to create a bipartisan, independent, outside, commission to fully investigate Russia’s influence in the Trump administration and the 2016 election,

“Protecting our Democracy Act HR 356,” the title of the legislation,  will provide Americans with much-needed answers to President Trump’s relationship with Russia and hold him accountable for jeopardizing national security.  This proposed legislation comes on the heels of Michael Flynn’s resignation announced last night in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve heard from thousands of concerned Mainers who feel less safe in President Trump’s America.  Even after his national security adviser resigned, President Trump has done nothing to dispel fears that he is indebted to President Putin and the Russian government.  Americans deserve to know how tight Russia’s financial, personal and political grip is on President Trump,” wrote Pingree in the news release issued by her office.

Neither the office of Senator Angus King (I) nor the office of Senator Susan Collins (R) responded to a query from as to whether or not they support the proposed independent investigative legislation that Congresswoman Pingree has co-sponsored.

)update:  2/15/17 – It has been reported this morning on CNN cable news that Trump aides had “numerous” talks with Russian officials during the campaign – this summer – despite denials from Trump’s Team.  Senator King has just said on the same cable news channel that he is opposed to the commission Pingree supports.  Rather he supports an “in-house” investigation  by the Senate Intelligence Committee of  which he King, an attorney, is a member. Perhaps King does not understand how serious this situation really is.  Or King is more Republican than Independent.  King is a native of Alexandria, Va..  He was formerly a tv talk show host in Maine and was elected a Governor of Maine, perhaps best known for his introduction of computers into public school class rooms.)

(note:  Please let me know when the impeachment process for Con Artist President Trump starts! It can’t be far away at this pace!