Rally for Rafah at 6:00 pm Tonight in Portland’s Monument Square & in Bucksport Too!


The Flag of Palestine on Display at a Rally Last Week in Monument Square.  Please visit post herein dated February 10, 2024 for Background Information on Rally at Monument S quare That Day.

A Health Care Worker at the Rally on Saturday, February 10, 2024 in Monument Square.

Health Care Workers Call for a Ceasefire at Monument Square Rally Saturday, February 10, 2024.

Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights has called an emergency Rally for tonight at 6:00 pm in Portland’s Monument Square according to a press release issued early this afternoon.

Israel is already killing hundreds of civilians in this small part of Gaza it has claimed is a “safe haven”.  Prime Minister Netanyahu plans a full-scale invasion that would be catastrophic.

A similar emergency Rally has been scheduled for Bucksport, at 6:00 pm today at the Bucksport Bridge. Around the world and the US, people are taking to the streets and saying NO TO GENOCIDE.

The MaineDSA issued the following statement late this afternoon:  “1,8 million Palestinians have been driven into Rafah in the southernmost part of Gaza.  This is a 5X population increase in the last place supposed to be a refuge.  Despite these assurances of safety, the settler colonial project known as Israel is now attacking Rafah as part of their catastrophic, genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people.  Launched overnight, after warnings by countries around the world and bearing a justification that is a clear war crime, this operation has already killed and wounded hundreds.  International pressure is growing and our actions have an impact,” concluded the statement from MaineDSA.

“Begin the ceasefire so the hostages can be released and so  the Prime Minister of Israel can be dismissed from his position.  It’s time,” said this blogger.  “He needs to stop hiding behind this conflict to protect himself and instead face his outster as PM of Israel.”