Protestors Demand Better Treatment of Farm Workers from Hannaford Bros. Co. Milk Producers


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Protestors in Support of “Milk with Dignity” on Congressd Street in Downtown Portland.

About 200 protestors rallied outside the Hannaford Bros. Co. store on Forest Avenue this afternoon demanding that management sign a contract to buy its milk brand from farms that take care of their workers with good wages, good housing and better labor treatment.  The contract was not signed by Hannaford.

Workers on farms that produce Hannaford brand milk:  make less than minimum wage, work 7 days a week without adequate rest, have high rates of preventable injuries, and live in substandard – even dangerous – housing according to literature provided by one of the protestors this blogger talked to on Congress Street following the Forest Avenue rally.

“There is a solution:  Hannaford can make sure that its store-brand milk is free from human rights abuses!  Farmworker organizatdion Migrant Justice has created a program called “Milk with Dignity.”  The literature said that the large grocery chain can buy milk from Milk with Dignity farms that commit to protectding workers’ rights.  The store can pay premiums for raises and improvements to labor and housing conditions,” says the literature distributed by protestors today.

Hannaford store manager Diana Darling initially denied this protest had anything to do with Hannaford stores.  “It’s about a group from Vermont,” she told this blogger.  It had nothing to do with us, she insisted following the rally at the store. “Oh.  You have the flyer?” Darling said when she saw it in this blogger’s hands,  contradicting her comments.  She immediately clammed up and turned away from this blogger.  What else is she not telling the truth about?  The literature/flyer from Migrant Justice mentioned Hannaford specifically in it repeatedly as described above.

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