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Will Porensky, Owner of Digital Visuals and Audio, Portland.

The Peapod Portable Masseuse Whose Owner is a Client of Digital Visuals and Audio.

Digital Visuals and Audio, Owned by Will Porensky, Portland.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of small, Maine businesses and entrepreneurs do not understand the value of promoting themselves with high quality promotional material,” said Will Porensky this afternoon. “By that I mean hiring someone who is well versed in all phases of creating a professional video.  Potential customers look for a well-crafted video that is created by someone who has spent years learning all of the skills necessary to produce a polished commercial,” he said.  Will is a west end resident who grew up in Falmouth.

He learned the skills to create high-end videos at College of Santa Fe, New Mexico from which he earned a BFA in contemporary music and film production between 2001 and 2005. Will also earned an Associate Arts degree from Southern Maine Community College in Communications and New Media. Since then he’s been fine-tuning his skills as he creates high-quality videos for a wide variety of clients in southern Maine.

There is a process that the affable Will goes through with each new client he retains:  First, he meets with the client to discuss what they want to promote; Second, they discuss different creative ways to promote themselves; Third, he creates a script, and finds locations to shoot the video.

It’s a process that requires all of his skills as well as the best in lighting, sound, cameras and other professional equipment to produce the highest quality promotional material that can be done.  (Will is not at all stern as he might appear in his above left photo! He also has a good sense of humor.)

So often entrepreneurs get bogged down in the business part of their projects with good reason.  But they neglect to devote the necessary time and money to promote their product. So, what may well be a  successful business doesn’t make it.  “That’s the reason I started this business in the first place,” said Will who was spending part of a working holiday at Local Sprouts, on Congress Street today.  “I want to help clients be successful with good promotional material.” (And was awaiting the retrieval of a car that had been mistakenly towed from its parking space nearby!!) Preparing a business plan that includes quality promotion is essential.

One of Will’s clients is Scott Perry, inventor of the Peapod Portable Masseuse (see left above photo) Another client is Robyn Wiley, a life coach, author and workshop leader.  Robert Diamante, of Berlian Arts Photography and Rachel Horton-White, of Soulful Work Counseling are also clients of Will’s.

For more information, please call Will at:  (207) 272-2123 or email him at: wporensky@gmailcom.

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