Police Release Identity of Officer Involved in Shooting at Union Station Plaza


The Shooting of Chance D. Baker, Occurred in Front of This Subway Sandwich Shop on St. John Street Yesterday.

Sergeant. Nicholas Goodman, a fourteen (14) year veteran of the Portland Police Department, has been identified as the officer involved in the shooting that took place yesterday at Union Station Plaza, on St. John Street and resulted in the death of Chance David Baker, 22, of Portland.

Baker was shot in front of the Subway Sandwich Shop (see left photo)  late yesterday morning by Srg.  Goodman.   That followed calls to 911 because Baker was brandishing a weapon into the cars of people in the area and screaming and yelling at them according to a press release issued late last night by the Police Department. The weapon was later identified as a pellet gun. (For more details on the incident, please read the previous post herein.)

The shooting was the second time in his career that Sgt. Goodman has been called upon to use deadly force.   On May 3, 2008, Sgt. Goodman was involved in a traffic incident in which deadly force was used and justified according to a press release issued by Assistant Chief Vern Malloch, of the Portland Police Department.

A highly decorated officer who has never been the subject of discipline throughout his career, he has received 22 unit citations, two awards for bravery and was selected as the department’s Police Officer of the Year in 2015.  He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in October 2016 after serving as a narcotics investigator assigned to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

The officer’s identity was not revealed until he had time to inform his relatives of the incident.  An investigation will be conducted by Maine’s AG Janet Mills as well as an internal investigation by the Portland Police Department.

Please see previous post herein for background information on the shooting of Baker on St. John Street in which he lost his life.

note:  The Police Department has not responded to five email inquiries from mhn.com yesterday as to how many shots were fired during the incident and to what part of his body they were directed.  One also asked for his race to be identified as well. The inquiries were intended to complete the “bare bones” press release that mhn.com received on the incident. Bloggers must not be on the Department’s high priority list!