(Unofficial) Portland City Election & Referendum Results for 2016

Incumbent Ed Suslovic Was Unseated by Brian Batson.

Incumbent Ed Suslovic Was Unseated by Political Newcomer Brian Batson.

Incumbent at - large City Clouncilor Jon Hinck Was Defeated by Pious Ali b y a Large Margin.

Incumbent at – large City Councilor Jon Hinck Was Defeated by Pious Ali by a Large Margin.

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Please visit the city’s webpage for much more detailed information on Portland election results than mhn.com can reproduce herein.

US Rep. Chellie Pingree (D) won easily with 29,255 votes over Republican challenger Mark Holbrook who received 8,070votes.

Hillary Clinton (D) won easily with 28,505 over Donald Trump with  6,786 votes,

Ben Chapman (D) won easily at 14,782 for State Senate Seat District 27, replacing Justin Alfond who could not run again because of term limits.

Brian Batson defeated Ed Suslovic with 3,561 votes;  incumbent Suslovic received 3,219 votes on the Portland City Council,  (Suslovic wanted a temporary moratorium on marijuana store sales, but unwisely gave the public only several hours notice, if the public happened to catch it somewhere! District 1 City Councilor Ray joined him in supporting this moratorium.)

Pious Ali defeated incumbent Jon  Hinck for an at large seat on city council with 21,010 votes and Hinck had 6,840,

On the Peaks Island Council, Patrick Flynn defeated incumbent Lisa Penalver.

State Referendums:

Question 1 legalizing marijuana – It was approved with a vote of 24,594 and no had 13,000 votes.

Question 2 – yes on taxing won,

Question 3 – background checks won easily with a 29,683 over the no vote at 8,023. and

Question 4 – the vote to increase the minimum wage won with 27,034 yes votes and 10,522 no votes.