Otto Pizza Opens Fourth Store at 108 Cumberland Avenue; Free Delivery on the Peninsula


Ryan Wilkinson, Ass't. Mgr.; Max Clark; Katie Pinkelman; James Cooper & James Perrier. Manager Scott Tresselt was not available.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,060)

Pizza and cold weather seem to mix well and so the popular Otto pizza has opened its fourth purveyor of thin crusted pizza just as the cold weather has arrived; last Friday Otto Pizza opened its fourth store at 108 Cumberland Avenue – at the corner of Washington Avenue. The owners, Anthony Allen and Mike Keon, opened their third pizza store in Cambridge, MA. last year.

This store is different from the others because it provides a free delivery service to customers on the peninsula who call in their orders. Ryan Wilkinson, 28, assistant manager and also a musician with Tricky Britches said the new store will offer the same menu as the other stores – all 24 different flavors that are offered at 576 and 225 Congress Street, Portland.

The phone number for free delivery from this new location is: 358-7551. It’s open 7 days a week; Sunday – Thursday from 11 am – 12 pm. Friday and Saturday 11 am – until 2 am.

Two summers ago, this spot was home to Harbor Scoops Ice Cream Shop. Previous to that it has been a flower shop and T-shirt Shop among other ventures.

7 thoughts on “Otto Pizza Opens Fourth Store at 108 Cumberland Avenue; Free Delivery on the Peninsula

  1. This is great news! I can see Otto’s gaining a lot more sales because of this free delivery strategy to the penninsula. Especially on a snowy day when people crave good food but do not want to venture out in to the snow.

  2. Hey Guys, thanks for the article. We are very excited to offer this free service and hope to expand for further delivery soon. One thing, the phone number is 358-7551.



  3. i second the westbrook request! 🙂
    also, i believe there’s a typo, “varieties” in the second paragraph & one with the hours from Sunday – Thursday…

  4. No, westbrook is full, look somewhere else!

    But seriously, as a member of the oldest pizza family in Maine, you guys at Otto’s do a great job there and I love getting a slice on my off day from making pizza. I’m glad that most of the pizzas places around the area make it different ways. Would hate to have every place putting out the same thing. Good luck on this new place and your next ones, not like you need it.

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