New Video Shows LePage Caught Spreading Election Lies Yet Again


In a newly-surfaced video, Paul LePage has once again been caught making baseless claims about voter fraud that up to 80,000 people voted illegally in Maine in 2020.

The video from an October 2021 campaign event surfaced just days after LPage came under intense scrutiny for more recent false election fraud claims.  The “Bangor Daily News” called them “unsubstantiated.”  Former Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap called them “a blatant lie.”

When challenged, LePage attacked the reporter for asking him the question saying – “:I will tell you what I think about that question.  “It’s like a reporter getting to an accident after it happened.  You don’t see it.  You never see the accident.  You were not there.  I was.”

LePage’s election fraud claims have been repeatedly debunkekd, undermining his claim that he’s a changed man – leading to the “Bangor Daily News” and the “Portland Press Herald” reporting that “Plenty of the old LePage is Still There” and “The New Paul LePage Looks a Lot Like the Old One.”

“These claims that LePage is making are not just potentially false they’re dangerous,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.  “LePage is not the changed man he claims to be.  Instead, he continues to peddle misinformation and lies, just like he did throughout his previous eight years as governor.  Maine people deserve better than someone who is going to lie to them and make baseless claims that are dangerous for our democracy.”

In addition to baselessly questioning the integrity of Maine’s elections, Paul LePage has outright rejected the will of Maine voters on several occasions, refusing to implement legalized marijuana, sign off on senior housing bonds and expand Medicaid, all of which were approved by the people of Maine at the ballot box.

Governor Mills has since implemented all three measures.