LePage BEING LePage at Launch of MaineGOP Multicultural Center on Munjoy Hill


The Maine GOP Multiculural Community Center, 100 Congress Street Opened Earlier This Week.

Earlier this week, Paul LePage stood by as Pastor Travis Carey made a series of hate filled remarks about Democrats, claiming they are “anti-God” and support “sexual perversion” and “the wholesale slaughter of innocent life.”

These comments came at the launch of the MaineGOP Multicultural Center, 100 Congress Street, on Munjoy HIll on Tuesday, April 5.

For months, LePage has been trying to soften his image and distance himself from his record of sowing hate and division as Governor. On NewsCenter Maine last month, LePage insisted that “if we continue to hate each other, if we don’t find a path to at least like each other and respect each other, our country is in for doom,” according to a press release issued by the Maine Democratic Party today.

But rather than condemn or  disavow the hateful, extreme rhetoric this week, LePage stood by once again showing that his rhetoric doesn’t match his actions and proving that he hasn’t actually changed according to the press release.

“Paul LePage’s refusal to condemn these hateful remarks just continues to show that he hasn’t actually changed,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.  “LePage’s words don’t match his actions.  At the end of the day, he’s still the same guy who has divided Maine and Maine people – not one who can lead us through tough times into a more hopeful future.”