Munjoy (Condo) Hill Application for Monument Street Condos Received by City


Five Unit, Four Story Building Proposed for 25 Monument Street on Munjoy Hill.

A Home at the Corner of Moody Street and the Eastern Promenade is Being Restored by Crandall Thoothaker. He Plans to Occupy the Top Two Floors and Rent the Second Floor According to Sources Familiar with the Situation.  Toothaker Has Restored Over 100 Buildings in Portland.

25 Monument Street Home Built in 1894 To be Razed to Make
Way for Four Story Condominium on Condo Hill.

25 Monument Street on Munjoy Hill, a/k/a Condo Hill, is expected to be the site of a new five unit, four story building to replace a two-family home that has been vacant for many months and was built in 1894.  The City’s planning office has received an application for this project filed by Whipple-Callender Architects, project architects.

Plans call for five 3-bedroom units and parking for eight spaces on the first floor of the building. Jeff Kane, d/b/a Monument Partners LLC in Naples, FL. is the developer of the property.  It’s believed there is plenty of local money invested in the project.

No wonder splinter groups have developed in response to the arrogance of the Portland City Council and its indifference to the housing issues in Portland.  Munjoy Hill is becoming known as Condo Hill, too often displacing tenants with few housing options for them and rent hikes meant to satisfy the greediest among us.

The razing of old homes on Condo Hill to be replaced by look alike condos by greedy developers is doing a disservice to this community and future generations.  It destroys the character of the neighborhood in a way that look alike boxes can never replace.

Question Two would prevent zone changes from happening if 25 % of residents living within 500 feet oppose the zone change.  But, a developer could overcome that by getting the support of a majority of residents living within 1,000 feet of the location to support – within a 45-day time frame.

The second backlash against an arrogant city council on the November 7th ballot is the Fair Rent Initiative introduced by Jack O’Brien. a renter in Portland.  It’s been well documented that rents have shot up by 40 % over the past five years in Portland; incomes have not.  The Housing Committee, chaired by the insular Councilor Jill Duson, has refused to take any steps to alleviate the situation. That’s one reason she needs to be replaced also on November 7th – by Joey Brunelle!

The other candidate for Duson’s seat is Bree LaCasse.  Bree was recently recruited by Steven Biel, a spoiler in what is now a three way race. Following a nasty disagreement with Joey Brunelle,  Biel told him he’d recruit a candidate to run against him to be certain Brunelle was defeated. Biel, known by many as a ‘dirty trickster’ of Portland politics  has resigned indefinitely from his progressive organization due to a controversy concerning questionable behavior regarding  email distribution involving Lacasse. – his choice for Duson’s seat.  Do you want Duson re-elected?

Plans for the proposed condominium at 25 Monument Street may be viewed at city hall in the planning office on the 4th floor.

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  1. Hi,
    If you check the picture on the city assessor’s site for 25 Monument St., it’s actually a different house from the one pictured here. The one being demolished
    had a beautiful garden that bloomed in every season and was tended by the owner, a nice older woman who lived there with her husband. Now it’s totally over grown. Makes me sad!

    • Hi MFM,
      thank you for that information. I meant to go and check on it today, but forgot to do that. Thanks though. Carol

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