9th Annual Casco Bay Cyclocross Biggest Ever on Munjoy Hill


Lauren Powers, was a Winner in Todays 17 to 18 Age Group.

The Last Race Went Off at 2:30 pm This Afternoon and Lasted for One Hour; The Pro Group

Nicole Cyr, an official at todays Race, is a Strategic Racing & Training Instructor. nicole@strategic-racing.com

“It was a great day for our cyclocross event.  The weather was perfect,” said Nicole Cyr, one of the officials at todays 9th annual event on the easterly end of the Eastern Promenade.  “It’s the fastest growing event in the biking category.  Cyclocross is between road and mountain biking,” she said.

Between 200 – 250 participants came from all over New England and Canada to participate in twelve different races today. Ryan Kelly, the announcer who is from Exeter, New Hampshire, said there are races for all age groups, all levels of fitness and ability.  The races run from l/2 to a full hour.  The “pro-race” runs for one full hour. The top three winners in each group won awards he said.  Sizes of groups vary greatly – from 40 – 80.

Lauren Powers, from Haverhill, NH., participate in the event for the second year.  “I love this course,” she said.  It was a combination of biking with some running when there were obstacles that could not be overcome on a bike.  Powers said she trains every day at home and then enters competitions most weekends. She was the winner in the 17 to 18 year old group.

Cyr suggested that bikers join a local biking group.  “It’s lots of fun,” she said.