Candidates Night at Reiche Set for Wednesday, October 25th


A candidates’ forum is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th at Reiche Community Center, 2nd floor, Clark Street entrance.  The event runs from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

There is one spot on Portland’s city council on the ballot for November 7th.  It is the at-large-seat currently held by incumbent Councilor Jill Duson.  Her challengers for this seat are Joey Brunelle and Bree LaCasse.  All three candidates will be present at the forum.  (LaCasse is the candidate endorsed by Steven Biel  He is the controversial founder of Progressive Portland – a group from which he has resigned – at least temporarily for his part in an email scandal concerning LaCasse.)

Representatives from both sides of the referendum questions on the ballot will also be present.  They are the Fair Rent Portland/Say No to Rent Control intiative and Give Neighbors a Voice/One Portland.

This event is sponsored by the West End Neighborhood Association, the Western Promenade Neighborhood Association and the Parkside Neighborhood Association. To submit questions for candidates only, please email: