Campaign Against Question 2 Launches Today in Portland


State Representative Health Sanborn and co-owner of Rising Tide at Press Conference This Afternoon.

Campaign Signs Will be Available at Rising Tide Brewery on the East End Tomorrow, According to Sanborn.

State Representative Heather Sanborn was so concerned about voters supporting Question 2, that she decided to lead the fight to oppose it she told a coalition of the like-minded at the launch of the campaign this afternoon.  A co-owner of Rising Tide on the east end, she admitted that she is not a developer and owns no property that could be developed.  “It would devastate our city’s ability to address problems,” she said.  “Question # 2 would shut out too many from the process. is neither smart or responsible.”

Land use attorney David Pierson  called Question 2 the “worst land use ordinance” he’d ever seen.  “It would give a minascule minority the right to make decisions without input.” Dana  Totman, speaking on behalf of Avesta Housing said:  “This city would be devastated.  It would be bad for democracy and would stifle responsible development.” Totman called it an “assault on the future health of the city.”

Speaker after speaker, five in all, used strong language to discourage voters from supporting Question 2 and to assist in getting the word out to the public.  The press conference was held at an Avesta Housing complex, 409 Cumberland Avenue.

According to a flyer distributed at the press conference all of the city councilors including Mayor Ethan Strimling are opposed to the passage of Question 2.  The only councilor who was not listed as being opposed to the proposed measure is Brian Batson, in whose district Stroudwater is located; the location that sparked the measure from angry residents.  Councilor Batson has not taken a position according to one of the sponsors of the event.

The press conference lasted about l/2 hour with no Q&A segment which is highly unusual.