Milestone in Maine Marked by Maine CDC Director


The First Person in New York to Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine was a ICU Nurse.  She Was Also One of the First in the Nation to Receive the Vaccine This Morning.

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“Today is a day to remember.  It’s a milestone in the process,” said Maine CDC Director, Dr. Nirav Shah, at today’s COVID-19 briefing.  He was referring to the arrival of 2,000 doses of the life saving vaccine for COVID-19  in Maine.  Another shipment is expected tomorrow.  All doses will be distributed to Maine hospitals to be administered to health care workers and front line workers in the war against the deadly virus Dr. Shah said.

Maine Medical Center is expecting delivery of its vaccine either Tuesday or Wednesday.  As of December 10, MMC is reporting 40 cases of the COVID-19 at the hospital.

As is his custom, Dr. Shah began the public briefing with an update on Maine’s situation.  Today 426 new cases of the virus were announced by Dr. Shah.   The all important 7-day positivity rate is 4.54%, a rate that continues to ever so slightly decline in recent days.  That rate remains well below the national rate.

Dr. Shah said that these two shipments were the first of 2.1 million doses needed to vaccinate  everyone in Maine.  “Our spirits are lifted.  We all know it will be many months before the snow stops melting,” said Dr. Shah referring to the prospect of the spring melting that many Maine residents look forward to.  Dr. Shah urged Mainers to pay attention to their current health needs, get flu shots and be certain they are covered by health insurance.

“…This news is a much-needed beacon of hope in an otherwise difficult time.  This logistical feat is the result of months of collaboration by Maine hospital systems, health care officials, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, the Federal government, the Maine CDC and DHHS and others.  I thank all of them for their efforts to protect the health and safety of Maine people,” said Governor Janet T. Mills, the first woman governor of Maine, in a press release issued by her office this morning.

Mayor Kate of Portland:  Where are you on this milestone development?  As the Mayor of Maine’s largest city, don’t you have a responsibility to weigh in on this historic occasion?