Maine Youth to Announce New Initiatives to Fight Climate Crisis – Day Before Lawsuit Hearing Next Week


“The World is on fire. I want you to panic.” Greta Thunberg Who Began the Youth Movement Overseas.

Paintings by the Students of Friends School of Portland That are Affected by Climate Change.

Lisa Lizler, of Munjoy HIll, Holds a Sign at the Women’s March Earlier This Year.

You are invited to attend a press conference on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 10:00 am at Lincoln Park in downtown Portland.  At the press conference this weekend, a new state climate initiative will be announced according to a press release issued yesterday by Anna Siegel, Maine State lead, Representative of US Youth Climate Strikes.

Young climate activists will announce new steps they are taking to stand up for their right to a future free from climate catastrophe. The press conference is one of close to one hundred (100) coordinated press conferences on the same day across the country and around the globe, will take place days before an appellate court hearing in the landmark constitutional youth climate lawsuit Juliana vs United States the most important climate case of this generation and the first lawsuit that calls on courts to declare that we have a constitutional right to a stable climate

During the press conference, Maine activists will announce a new initiative to involve more youth in climate actions.  We will celebrate what youth activists in Maine have already achieved and layout plans for continued efforts the Siegel press release continued.

The coordinated press conferences are intended to send a national message that young people will remain on the front lines of combating the climate crisis until they have reclaimed their future  Climate activists will share stories of how the climate crisis has impacted them personally as well as Maine.

Activists will ask their community to stand up for their right to a future and hold the federal government accountable for its role in the climate crisis by tuning in to the livestream of the Juliana hearing at 2 pm (Pacific time) 5:00 pm EST of the Juliana hearing on June 4, 2019.   The hearing is before the Ninth Circuit Court of Portland, Oregon.  #ALLeyesonJuliana.