Maine Startup & Create Week Coming to Portland in June; Supported by Local Organizations


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,754)

The week of June 12 to June 20, 2014 will be an eight-day celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit for which Maine is known.  It’ll be a showcase of Maine’s vibrant startup community to visiting guests from around the country.  Maine Startup & Create Work (“MSCW”) includes thirty exciting events including speakers, panels, social events, pitch contests and other events to celebrate the robust startup and innovative IMG_1626culture in Maine.

“We are very excited about this event and the huge team that has come together for this event.  The support from the community and early sponsors like Blackstone Accelerates Growth and Southwest Airlines has been critical.  Over the next few weeks we will announce more speakers, more events and more of our sponsors,” said Jess Knox, lead organizer of the event.  “Maine has such a vibrant innovative, startup and creative community that we are really excited to show it off and create new connections with attendees from across North America.”

MCSW is led by a broad steering committee of local individuals and organizations.

Early bird prices run until May 15th at $395. for the entire week of events.  For more information, please visit