Carmona Wins Big at Annual April Stools & Community Clean-up Day Event !

Ralph Carmona Displays the Winning Golden Turd and the Gift Certificate for Borda.

Ralph Carmona Displays the Golden Turd and the Gift Certificate for Borda His Cat.

Queen of Crap Cami Smalley and Sultan of Scat Sam Cohen at Stools Event Today.

Queen of Crap Cami Smalley and Sultan of Scat Sam Cohen at Stools Day Clean-up  Today on the Eastern Promenade.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,753)

“Never in my life did I ever imagine that I, Ralph Carmona, would ever experience the Golden Turd Moment as I am  right now,” he said as he savored the significance of this Honor at the Hilltop House, 92 Congress Street, earlier today.  April Stools & Community Clean-up Day is a 22 year tradition on the Hill that encourages residents to come out and clean up doggie left behinds as well as other small items of trash found on the Eastern Promenade.

“The Golden Turd was sitting on a rock all by its lonely self.  We saw each other and knew it was a Golden Moment.  I was on the hunt for the Golden Turd all along,” explained Hill resident Carmona still enjoying the Golden Moment.  Finding the Turd entitled him to a $25. gift certificate.  “Bardo is in for a real shocker,” he said, of his nine-year old cat.  “We’ll have to discuss what he wants for this,” Carmona said laughing.

About 100 people participated in the April Stools Day event on the Promenade.   “Our goal was to fill 60 large garbage bags with turd and trash, but we have exceeded that goal,” said Cami Smalley, one of the organizers of the event.  “We have already filled 68 bags and there are more to come in,” Smalley said.  She said that six Golden Turds had been placed around the Prom and four had been found and returned for gift certificates  similar to Bardo’s. Smalley moved to Munjoy Hill from San Diego several years ago for a relationship “that has worked out.”  The couple is to be married in September in France.

“This is the best turnout we’ve ever had and we are grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success” Smalley said.  “Probably the sunny skies and warmer temperatures  helped to increase the turnout,” she said.

The event was hosted by the Friends of the Eastern Promenade and the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization.  Queen of Crap Cami Smalley, of the former organization and Sultan of Scat, Sam Cohen of the MHNO were the point people.