Maine Entrepreneurship Week; February 12 – 19th – Offers Dozens of Workshops


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 712)

Maine Entrepreneurship Week begins today and runs through next Saturday, February 19th.  During this week over two dozen workshops will be offered to would be entrepreneurs or those already in the midst of setting up their new business ventures. The Week is in conjunction with the National Entreprensurship Week, said Valarie C. Lamont, Ph.D. at the  USM, School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurship, Portland. (She also serves on the Creative Portland Board.)

The workshops take place mostly in  Portland, although  some occur in Orono as well.  Wednesday, February 16, between 5 – 6:30 pm, Angela Adams Designs, at 273 Congress Street, (bottom of the Hill),  will be the location for  a workshop on “Networking for the Creative Economy.” According to the workshop description:  “Networking with brief 10 minute presentations on entrepreneurial environments, for all entrepreneurs, but particularly those in the creative economy.” Ms. Adams, a designer with an impressive national reputation, will speak briefly on Intellectual Property issues for those in the Creative Economy.   For more information, please contact Jean Maginnis, 730-0694, or

For more information on the week’s course listings, please visit

Editor’s Note: is continually amazed and pleased to meet all the would be entrepreneurs who have moved to the Hill over the past year or more.  These  workshops may well help you to meet others with similar challenges and provide you suggestions as to how to overcome them.