Hundreds Shiver Despite Well-Planned Sunaana Music Festival at Thompson’s Point


The Taylor Family Seemed Immune to the Cold Temperatures at Brick South !  Alan (back row left) and E (back row right) are Brothers.

Casey Prentice & Ciara Price Appeared ‘Warm Enough’ at the Festival.  Casey Preferred an IPA.

The Heroic John Myers Ran the Outside Stroudwater Ice Bar Amidst the Food Truck Court. Maybe Next Year John Will be Allowed Inside the Festiva Building?

Representing Foam Brewers, of Burlington, VT. were co-founders Dani Casey and Joan Farrell. (Didn’t Get the Name of the Man on the Right, But I Think He’s Married to Joan.)

One of the welve Emerging Bands Playing at the Festival Yesterday Afternoon.

Hundreds of hardy souls from all over Maine and  the Boston area shivered and shook at  the first annual Sunaana Festival at Thompson’s Point yesterday.

Despite the extensive planning, for the Festival, the outdoor temperature and strong winds were a force presenting a heating challenge to the organizers.  (Temperatures in downtown Portland during the afternoon hovered around 10 degrees.)

The Festival was a mix of emerging bands and an opportunity for beer lovers to sample craft beers from the northeast – in and of itself a unique experience in Portland.

The 12-hour Festival was hosted by EiMSKIP, the Icelandic container shipping company now based on Portland’s western waterfront.

The Taylor family appeared unaware of the cold weather, unlike!  “This is a great event.  Honestly, my opinion is that it doesn’t go unnoticed that they had to jump through hoops for this use to happen today.  It’s amazing,” said Ed Taylor, a soccer coach at Bonney Eagle High School.  “I’m in my 50s and to see these old structures revitalizled like this – I love it.  My heart melts when I see the local economy flourish here in Maine.”  Ed’s favorite beer was an Allagash variety.  (See top left family photo.)

One the craft breweries selected by the awesome Bissell Brothers Brewery to pour at the Festival was Foam Brewers, Burlington Vermont.    The brewery just won sixth place in a national competition for the best of the new breweries. FOAM will be a year old next month.  “We brew the beer we like to drink, said Dani Casey.  They were winners in a field 6,500 competitors.

Two years in the planning, this Festival was clearly exceptionally well thought out and  well organized by experienced people.  An infrastructure well in place for future Festivals – it was.  It was. For those paying a little more for their tickets on-line or at the door,  there was a VIP Center that was warmer than the main event and stocked with snacks and later pizza slices.  Also, there was the SUNAANA  Express that came up from Boston Friday afternoon – carrying a band or two that performed along the way and later in the evening performed at Bissell Brothers Brewery.  Nothing, but nothing was left to chance, except of course the Maine weather !

Next Steps?  Maybe later in the month when there is less chance of a Cold Weather Opportunity!

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