Response to Collins’ Charges Against Her Constituents by “MFAL”


“Missing” From Meeting With Constituents in Portland is Senator Susan Collins (R).

Gordon Adams and Marie Follayttar-Smith, two of the Three co-leaders of Mainers for Accountable Leadership at a Rally on the Steps of City Hall Last Month.

Senator Susan Collins (R) complained late last month about the “lack of civility” shown by her constituents during peaceful protests in Maine.  Collins specifically criticized Mainers for Accountable Leadership (MFAL) for labeling her as inaccessible to Maine voters after she met with eight members of the group on February 22, in Augusta according to a press release issued late last week by MFAL.

“We hope Senator Collins received the thank you note we sent February 24th after our meeting.  We’ve not heard back,” said Marie Follayttar-Smith.a MFAL co-leader.  “We hope Collins will acknowledge the meeting was civil and respectful.  We asked Senator Collins three (3) times during that meeting for Town Halls across the state and she did not respond.  Eight people are definitely not enough to engage the whole state,” according to the press release issued on March 2, 2017.

MFAL is one of many Maine (and national) citizen organizations that sprang up in the past two months concerned about the direction of the US under an increasingly authoritarian executive branch and a Republican effort to roll back 70 years of social and economic progress in our country and state.

Many groups held events during the February recess.  Senator Collins incorrectly told the No Labels audience late last month that MFAL sponsored a demonstration outside Maine Public’s Radio studio in Bangor, Maine on February 23rd while she was on the air.  In fact, that rally was organized by another group, not MFAL.  “It made for a good laugh line for an inside-the-beltway audience,” said MFAL, co-leader Gordon Adams, “but the Senator scrambled the facts.  Mainers found it disrespectful of the concerns they have about trends in Washington, DC and it made for greater accountability from our elected officials.”

MFAL will continue to ask Senator Collins and the rest of the Maine delegation in Washington, DC to oppose the radical agenda espoused by the White House and her party’s leadership.  Her votes against Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt, which she cited to No Labels as a sign of her independence were safe. The Senate Majority leader already had confirmation in hand.

Her rapid endorsement of Senator Jeff Sessions, for Attorney General, which she did not discuss, now appears to be ill-advised given recent revelations of his meetings with Russian officials, his lying to Senator Al Franken (D) during his confirmation hearing and his recent recusal from any DOJ investigation into the Trump – Russian connection –  a recusal that dramatically upset President Trump himself and started another round of doubts about Trump’s fitness for this office.

There will be issues over the coming months to which MFAL will respond as Attorney General Jeff Sessions assaults voting rights and much more.

“We hope Senator Collins along with all of our elected representatives will look back in future years and say they were on the right side of history,” said April Humphrey, MFAL co-leader.   “We will continue to show up, speak up and rise up civilly, respectfully and in dialogues when possible.  We again ask Senator Collins to make herself more publicly available to Mainers and invite Senators Collins and King to attend Town Halls in March during the March recess.”

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Please also visit post herein dated January 29, 2017 in which “MFAL” called upon Senator Collins to host a Town Hall meeting here in Portland during the February recess.

(note:  Has the Senator adopted the practice introduced by Chump Trump of  disparaging her critics?  Hmm. Meanwhile, “The Maine Sunday Telegram” continues to provide cover for the Senator’s mistakes,  as written by Collin Woodward today. The “Bangor Daily News” also published a similar “cover” article the day after the February meeting.  As is so well documented, it was just not possible to get through to a Collins’ office because of the busy telephone lines for days at a time in January and February of this year. has emailed the Senator’s press agent in Washington, D.C. Annie Clark, to learn if she has a response to the post as written on  No response has been received.

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