Sunaana Music Festival Ok’d for Saturday, March 4th at Thompson’s Point


Chris Thompson (L) and Jed Troubh, (R) Following the Successful City Inspection This Afternoon of Brick South at Thompson/s Point.

The Stage at the Sanaana Music Festival. (Photo by Gene Felice.)

Stroudwater Distillery Bar Tender John Myers Squeezing Lemons and Limes for Cocktails at Outside Stroudwater Ice Bar.

Gene Felice & Alison Chase Check Out the Performance Space for Tomorrow’s Event; The Alson Chase Performance.

the Interior of the 35,000 sq. ft. building to host the first annual Sunaana Music Festival – Saturday, March 4th.  (Photo by Gene Felice.)

“The city  has been great to work with and the entire inspections office, planning and fire department have been fair and reasonable,” said Chris Thompson, as he got the green light from the city for the first annual Sunaana Music Festival tomorrow.  “The city has been our partner in this endeavor,” said Jed Troubh, co-owner of Thompson’s Point with Thompson. The thumbs went up  late this afternoon following a 20-minute inspection by the City of Portland.  The Music Festival runs from 1:00 pm until 12:00 am., Saturday, March 4th.

This past week has been hectic for the organizers of the SUNAANA  event at the newly restored former engine repair shop for the Maine Central Railroad. Forty-two (42) subcontractors – carpenters, electricians, roofers,plumbers and heating companies –  have worked to get the old building ready for its debut as the largest event center of it’s kind in Portland – all supervised by Landry French Construction project managers.

Twelve musical acts have been selected to perform during the event which runs from 1:00 pm until 12:00 pm on Saturday, March 4th. Twenty craft breweries will be pouring 40 craft beers.  The vendors were hand-picked by the nearby awesome Bissell Brothers Brewery.  Meanwhile, John Myers, bar tender for Stroudwater Distillery squeezed 150 limes and 300 lemons for cocktails to be served at the outside Stroudwater Ice Bar tomorrow.  An ice bar is being sculpted and it will be located inside an open EIMSKIP shipping container.  “I’ll be in the coldest place in Portland tomorrow,” chucked Myers this afternoon.

Tickets may be purchased on-line or at the front door tomorrow.  The price of beer tickets is separate from the price of admission for the Music Festival.

Please visit post dated 2/26/17 herein for more background information on the First Annual Sunaana2017.