Historic J. J. Nissen Building Changes Ownership, Again


The Historic J. J. Nissen Building, 75  Washington Avenue. was Sold to Jake Edwards by Jed Harris on June 1, 2018 According to the new Manager Joey Aventaggio, Shown Above.

The historic J. J. Nissen (Bakery) Building, 75 Washington Avenue on Munjoy Hill, has changed ownership once again.  According to the manager, Joey Aventaggio, Jed Harris sold the building to Jake Edwards on June 1, 2018.  Harris and his family are vacationing in Spain.

The building had not been for sale officially, but Harris knew he would be leaving the area.  He and Jake Edwards got together and the deal was made quickly.  Jake is the son of Jon Edwards, who owns PhoPo Gallery also on Washington Avenue.  That gallery is scheduled to close on September 1, 2018 according to a recent press release from Jon Edwards.

The J. J. Nissan Bakery was established in 1909 by a Danish immigrant; Jergen Jepson Nissen.  He changed his name to John.

In the early 1990s, The Libra Foundation, established by the wealthy Elizabeth Noyes, bought the building for $15 million.  She is credited for saving the building from deterioration for fixing it up and paying off debts.   Two years following her death, the building was resold.  Noyes was divorced from the founder of Intel.  A New Englander, she returned to rural Maine following years of living in California.