Happy Birthday (# 26) to Becky’s Diner on the Western Waterfront !


Becky Rand, Owner of Becky’s Diner Late Last Month.

Becky’s Diner on the Portland Waterfront.

Stephanie Rand, one of Becky’s Four Children Who Works at Beckky’s Currently.

Home-Made Haddock Chowder with a Blueberry Muffin is a Favorite at Becky’s.

Happy Birthday to the iconic Becky’s Diner on the Western Waterfront of Portland.  It was twenty-six (26) years ago today that this Beacon of Maine food opened its doors for the first time.

If you’ve ever wondered who is the mastermind behind that wonderful Maine kitchen food, Becky Rand, left is the person to thank for all those amazing meals.

But this mecca of Maine food wasn’t always this large.  Originally, it was almost half its current size.  Back in 2007, Becky decided to expand because there was a need for it.  But first, she said she needed the assistance of some of her six (6) children.  Almost all of them were finished with college.  They came to Becky’s aid and the lengthy process of the expansion started.   It took three (3) years for the addition to be built. There was a lot of coordination work between the city, the architect and other parties to get it all done.  It raised the seating capacity from fifty (50) to ninety (90) people and moved the kitchen to the back of the Diner.

Stephanie Rand is one of four of Becky’s children who work at this Beacon of Wonderful Maine food.  “We are so proud of our mother,” Stephanie said recently.  “She has worked so hard all of her life.” The three other Rand children working at Becky’s are: Zack, Mark and Katie.

Very aware of the new housing development across West Commercial Street in the former Rufus Deering Lumber Co. and that it could be a boon to her business, the gracious Becky said:  “No thank you.  I’m not interested in another expansion to this Diner.  The process was too slow!”