Governor Announces Legislation to Boost Gun Background Checks and Mental Health Care


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) Gives Her State of the State Address to the Maine Legislature Last Month in Augusta.

Governor Janet T. Mills (D) today unveiled legislation that would enhance public safety and strengthen Maine’s mental health system while respecting Maine’s longstanding outdoor traditions.

Specifically, the Governor’s bill would establish an injury and violence prevention program at the Maine CDC, strengthen Maine’s mental health sysem, and prohibit dangerous people from possessing weapons.

The legislation, first announced by the Governor during her State of the State address, stems from conversations with lawmakers and with people and organizations across Maine in whch she heard a common belielf that:  GUN violence prevention is important; THAT we must strengthen our mental health system; and THAT dangerous people should not have access to firearms.

The Governor’s proposal addresses three areas of concern in a pragmatic, responsible and responssive way that respects the right to safe and legal gun ownership and that upholds Maine’s longstanding outdoor heritage.