Future of Vacated Building and Land at 185 Washington Avenue in Limbo


The Former Headquarters of the Former Northern Burner Supply Company and its Parking Lot at 185 Washington Avenue Has Been the Subject of Speculation by Neighboring Business Owners .

The future of the empty building and land at 185 Washington Avenue is undetermined  at this time said Laurie, the former owner of Northern Burner Supply Co. this afternoon over the telephone.  A rumor by some business owners in the area that the large building and huge  parking lot have been sold caught the attention of this blogger.

Northern Burner Supply has been at this east end location for many years. But the business was recently sold to The Grante Company located in South Portland according to its former owner. A Granite Company employee confirmed this information over the telephone. The east end business has been closed since September of 2023 acording to a sign on the property.

The previous business owners’ parents  own the building and parking lot and the future of them remains in limbo at this time.  The parents of the former owner are elderly, in their 80s,  and are Maine residents.

The possibilities are limitless!