Forage Sells Out on Second Day of “Testing”; Grand Opening Saturday, 11/20


Two Cashiers Were Kept
Busy Today at Forage Until It Closed Early This Afternoon Because it Sold Out of Pastries & Sandwiches.

Gorgeous Zinnias for Sale at Forage Supplied by Broadturn Farm, Scarborough.

Customers at Forage’s Soft Opening Today, 123 Washington Avenue.

Broadturn Farm, is Selling Flowers at Forage  at Reasonabale Prices.

“We are really just testing the market.  We want to know how many bagels and pastries will sell at this store,” said Hazel Smith, daughter of the owner of the new Forage, 123 Washington Avenue, on Munjoy Hill. Her comment came just moments before the store was closing.  That was about 1:30 pm.  We ran out of bagels and pastries,” said Hazel.  “We can’t stay open with nothing to sell.”  She said that thirty (30) boards of bagels were sold yesterday and forty (40) boards of bagels were sold today.  However, she didn’t know how many bagels are aboard a board.

Forage will open up again on Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 am – through Monday,  August 20 – once again until the store runs out of pastries and sandwiches or more testing time. The current menu lists Bagels, sandwiches (four of them) hot and cold drinks. The four sandwiches are The Forage, The Squealer, The Soy Veh, and the Lox. The menu is expected to expand in the future.  Forage still has a few positions open. Formerly, this building was the Creighton & Sons Building.  (Please visit post herein dated December 14, 2016 for more background information on the Creighton & Sons Building).

According to the menu, there will be a grand opening on Saturday, August 18th.  Beginning on Monday, August 20th, Forage will be open every day of the week between 7:00 pm – 3:00 pm according to Hazel.  About six years ago, the owner began Forage One in Lewiston.

“This is the third place we’ve been to,” said Bill Webb, visiting with his family from Philadelphia.  “We can’t find any sandwiches anywhere,” he said as he emerged from Forage – a disappointed man.  “My daughter is pregnant and she needs some food.  We can’t find a sandwich for her.  This was our third try,” as they continued in their search of the area.

The flowers for sale by Broadturn Farm  make a lovely addition to Forage.  In addition, they are available at all Rosemont Bakery stores, Portland Co-op, Browne Trading,  Aurora Provisions, Scales, and the Press Hotel.  The flowers are grown on six acres of land in Scarborough.  Please see for more information or call 207 510-4822.

Please visit post herein dated November 5, 2017 for more information on the Lewiston Forage and its plans to move to Munjoy Hill.