93rd Annual St. Peter’s Church Annual Italian Bazaar Runs Through August 12, 2018


Ann-Marie Bouchard, on the Board of the St. Peter’s Church Annual Italian Bazaar,  Late This Afternoon.

Don & Ann Parker Enjoy Pizza and a Salad At the Dinner at the Bazaar Today.

Dawn Brooks and Joe Meyers Bought $10.00 Worth of Lottery Tickets But Won No Money! “I’m not going to buy no more tickets,” said Joe. Laughing.

Cammy Dalfonso Reali, (L) Dominic Reali (M) and His Wife Linda Reali. (R)  Cammy Grew up on Newbury Street. 

The second evening of the 93rd Annual St. Peter’s Church Annual Italian Bazaar was well underway after 4:00 pm this evening with dinner and games that was well attended and well eaten!

The annual three day event is a fundraiser for the Church and a community get together that draws current residents of the area as well as people who have moved away – but  return year after year to see old friends and enjoy the amazing good food.

Last night, Friday August 10, was the largest Friday night in recent memory.  That’s because more events were scheduled:  There was a live band, a beer and wine tent, and many more games than on previous Friday nights according to Bouchard.   So the attendance was significantly up as well.

One of the reasons the food is so famously great is that Dominic Reali was one of the preparers of the food. Reali purchased the beloved Italian Amato’s back in 1972 and has grown it in the New England area, especially upstate New York.  Last year, Reali planned to add a small addition next to his 21 India Street store.  Today he said he’d stopped the process because he could not find enough people to staff the addition.  For eateries in Portland, staffing them is  a common problem.  The hospitality industry has grown significantly – with Portland having been recently named “Restaurant City of  2018” by Bon Appetit – this problem will not disappear soon.

The Bazaar runs through Sunday, August 12, from 4:00 pm – 8:00.

For more background information on Dominic Reali, please visit post herein dated May 15, 2017.