“Creative Form” Coming to Fore Street AC Hotel Soon Says Artist


Nate Deyesso, owner of DSO Creative Fabrications, on Presumpscot Street.

The Center at the AC Marriott Hotel Front Ramp Will Soon Hold the “Creative Form” by Nate Deyesso.

The Brown Three Piece “Form” to be Installed at 158 Fore Street Soon.

“These pieces are ready to go,” said Nate Deyesso, this morning. He was referring  to the three 20 ft. high creative forms he’s been commissioned to design and make  for the front ramp of the recently opened AC Marriott Hotel, 158 Fore Street, on the Munjoy Hill waterfront.  He’s in the process of arranging with a boom truck company to transport them and is almost there.  His contract requires that the three handsome metal forms be delivered by the end of August.  He’s ahead of schedule.

Nate was commissioned by Ara Aftandilian, of the Portland Norwich Group, to create a 20 ft.  form and to do it in collaboration with a group of other local experts. They include Tracy Davis, a designer with an office on Munjoy Hill, architect David Lloyd and Pat Carroll, a landscape architect.  Artist Nate “led the creative direction” at several meetings the group conducted that began in the fall of 2017.

“They will all fit into that circle,” promised the affable Nate when this blogger recently kidded him about whether or not all three forms would fit into the base.  They will be back to back within that circle he explained.  “There is plenty of room because I’ve measured it all.”

Nate was an art major at the University of Vermont.  Upon graduation, he became a portrait artist for which he received numerous commissions.  “And then I discovered  that I can do this,” he said.  His company has designed and created numerous art forms and furniture for restaurants and offices in the greater Portland area.  He and his fifteen (15) year old company that employees three (3) people keep very busy.

DSO Creative Fabrication will be moving out of its current studio to 10 Millbrook Road, Saco, by the end of this month.  That’s because Nate’s current studio is located in the building that this blogger has previously announced will be occupied by Hamilton Marine.  The 100 Fore Street business is moving there after improvements have been made to the building.

Please see post herein dated April 8, 2015 for more information on Tracy Davis, of Urban Dwellings, on Munjoy Hill.  She told this blogger that “life in Maine is less prescribed.”