Festive Funeral Procession for Codfish Followed by Eulogy in Portland


Sam, the Codfish, Carried in a Life-Size Casket on a Caisson Through the Streets of the Old Port.  Behind is the Leftist Marching Band, From Portsmouth, NH. The Procession Began in Lincoln Park at 11:30 am.

John Roberts, Expressed a Popular Sentiment at Lincoln Park Today.

Hunter Lachance Spoke to the Crowd on City Hall Steps about his Concerns About His Asthma.  He Testified Yesterday in Washington, D.C. in Opposition  to the Kavanaugh Nomination.

Zak Ringelstein, in White, Marches with Youth Who Are Concerned About Climate Change.  Zak is Running to Unseat Angus King (I) From His US Senate Seat This Fall. King Has Not Stated His Stand on the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  What is so difficult, Senator King?

Pat Spalding, 71, Majorette for the Leftist Band with “Band Leader by Default” for Today, Elizabeth Wolff, in Blue Top at Lincoln Park.

A Triumphant Banner from the SoPo Tar Sands Victory was Part of the RISE Procession.  “We could hardly believe when the Judge ruled in our favor.  He did a very good job – writing  92 pages of rebuttal,” said Rachel Burger, Founder of the Stop Tar Sands Movement.  It Began in 2013.

Susan Van-Alsenoy, Wiscasset, at Lincoln Park Today.

“We have borne on this casket – from Lincoln Park to these steps of city hall – a large and noble codfish.  He is unnamed because unknown, unappreciated because unseen.   But let us honor his life and his memory today by giving thought to his plight….I shall call this codfish Sam,” said a somber Lee Chisholm, of 350 Maine, looking at Sam’s  remains from the steps of City Hall.

The Eulogy by Chisholm continued recalling that Sam never complained despite the bad treatment that we humans gave him.  “But when we began to heat up his beloved Gulf of Maine through ceaseless combustion of coal, oil and natural gas….when the Gulf of Maine’s waters started to increase…..Sam uttered at least what some might call a complaint:  For cod’s sake, for god’s and your children’s sake, STOP!  Cut out the Carbon!  The Leftist Band concluded the brief ceremony on city hall steps.

The warming of the Gulf of Maine is having a seriously detrimental affect on Maine’s shrimp, lobster and codfish populations.    The codfish population has collapsed and the warming waters undermines its chances of rebounding.  Lobsters are moving north and east to find colder water which it requires to survive.

RISE Maine was part of a worldwide mobilization taking place just days before the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco.  People are rising up to demand that our leaders – both elected and private sector – demonstrate real leadership by committing to bold and specific climate action that addresses climate change and advances economic and social equity according to 350 Maine leadership.

Although no one mentioned the on-going process on whether or not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, it was on the minds of many at the event.  Jon Hinck, a former city councilor, lawyer, and a well-known environmentalist, met with Senators Susan Collins (R) and Angus King late week to try and persuade them not to support Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Hinck was one of a group of five other attorneys to meet with the two Senators.  Neither would state their positions, although  Hinck believes Collins has already made up her mind.  He believes that she will probably support Kavanaugh. A declared pro-abortion Senator who supports Planned Parenthood, she has a record of voting in favor of Supreme Court nominees before her.   “We were challenging, but respectful because we wanted to win her over,” said Hinck. There is a rumor around that she will not be up for re-election again so she is indifferent toward her vote on Kavanaugh.  King hinted that he might not support Kavanaugh’s  nomination.

Hunter Lachance, a high school sophomore, told of his concerns about the Trump administration’s rolling back of EPA’s regulations. Furthermore, he and his family were fresh from a trip to Washington, D.C. where he appeared on a panel before the Judiciary Committee opposed to the appointment  of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  It was a staff member of Senator Feinstein (D) who issued the invitation to him via e-mail several weeks ago to appear yesterday before the Committee. “I was very nervous,” he said this afternoon.  Hunter is the son of Sarah Lachance, organizer of the event for 350 Maine.  When Sarah was asked by this blogger if the family stayed at the Trump Hotel while on their three day trip, she laughed and said:  “No.” With emphasis!

Luke Sekera-Flanders, said that “water will be the new oil.”  He urged everyone not to buy bottled water – especially “Poland Spring” water by Nestle.

Please visit post herein dated August 29, 2018 regarding – Maine Lawyers Urge Senators Not to Confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court.  Hinck and the five other lawyers were part of this bipartisan coalition.